Ten Things 


1) Happy  place

2) cocktail

3) signature look


4) sports team

5) If I could be 

6) Guilty pleasure

7) secret talent

8) binge watch

9) favorite city

10) podcast

a. beach
b. mountains
c. my bed

a.  gin & tonic
B.  martini
c.  margarita

a. hipster
b. athleisure
c. pronto shirt 
    with dusting 
     of flour 

A. yankees
b. Golden State 
C. other

Roma- Serie A 

A. paul newman
B. Steve McQueen
c. joe strummer

A.bad action movies
b. cookie butter
c. Teen Titans Go

a. opera
B. organizing
C. Other

Flamenco Guitar

A. Tiger king
B. Night Court
c. Instant hotel

A. New Orleans
b. Charleston
c. New York

A. The Flophouse
B. How I built this
C. 99% Invisible



Make Life Sweet.

Lexington, Virginia

let's hang out