At Pronto, there’s a taste of la dolce vita for everyone.

We like to think of ourselves as that “other place” in people’s lives.

A place for friends to catch up, reflect on old memories, and make new ones. A place for busy couples to sneak in a date and get some much-needed caffeine after a late night with a new baby.

A place for professors to meet with students and for students to work on papers. A place where law students study for the bar and high school students cram in their summer assignments. A place to celebrate life’s biggest milestones with family and friends by your side. 

We’re the place that connects people—sometimes just with yourself over your morning coffee, but often with others. 

We opened Pronto because good coffee, homemade gelato, and delicious pastries are all worthy endeavors in and of themselves, but also, to help fill in the gaps; to add sweetness to the nooks and crannies of life and to make the days, weeks, months—and maybe even ourselves—feel a little more whole.

From Italia

to Main Street

“My wife and I have traveled to Italy where we ate gelato like it was our job only to feel unemployed when we returned. This little shop’s display and ambiance feel like I’ve been transported across the Atlantic. We are in love.”

—Pronto Customers

“What you are serving is spot on. From the gelato to the espresso. You guys have brought it home. Please continue to keep it true and I look forward to a trip back for some "babà" or some sfogliatella.”

—Pronto Customers

“Reminded me of Italy! Great Italian bean cappuccino, awesome chocolate gelato, good tiramisu, and unbelievable cheesecake. Our server was polite and helpful. A nice after-dinner or mid-day treat. Will return.”

—Pronto Customers



As a husband & wife team, parents, and Lexington locals, this community is our home and always has been. With Franky’s Italian roots and family background in the restaurant business, Pronto was destined to be all along. Southern Italy and its caffè-rich culture is our greatest source of inspiration, and it’s our passion to bring the experience of it here to you in downtown Lex. 

We consider it a joy and a privilege to serve our sweet hometown and be a place of community; in a disconnected world, we help provide connection. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the caffè buzzing with familiar and new faces, and providing little daily luxuries for you to savor. 

There’s no master handbook for navigating all the highs & lows of life and business, but there is coffee, gelato, and each other, and sometimes that feels one and the same. 

Whenever we’re not at Pronto, we love exploring nearby vineyards and boutique hotels, running, spending quality time with our two kids, and enjoying a round of 5pm G&T’s.

Franky & Meridith

Who does what,

Works for coffee. Also doesn’t work until coffee.

you ask?


Gelato maker & bread baker.

Believes there’s nothing that carbs and hot sauce can’t make better.


Social media & events manager.


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